Why Bring In What Doesn't Need Fixing?

So, you've just gotten a brand-new Dodge Challenger, you've been tearing through the city and having a lot of fun. The car is all-new, made just for you and never damaged, so why do you need to bring it into the shop? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is your philosophy, right?

Well, what happens if you do get into an accident, even if it's just a fender-bender? Or what happens when you accumulate a few months or years worth of wear-and-tear? Cars and car parts don't last forever, which is why you should always bring your new or used car into the auto body shop for routine maintenance. Even if your Dodge or Ram is still in seemingly-pristine condition a year after you bought it, why not bring it in for peace of mind?

Here at Dependable Dodge in Canoga Park, our team of Mopar-certified technicians can do a complete, holistic analysis of your car to find and damage or deformities. We only use the most authentic Mopar parts on your Dodge or Ram vehicle, so why not schedule an appointment at our auto body shop today!

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